Academic Writing: Sample Of Essay And Its Different Components

As you progress through school you will find that there are a various types of writing assignments you will have to do in order to succeed. Some types may come naturally to you while others may seem so strange to you that you never get a firm handle on what it is that is actually being asked from you. This article focus on the most basic form of essay writing: the argumentative. This is a type that asks students to choose a topic, investigate issues or questions related to the topic, gather and evaluate evidence in support of an original argument, and then present an established position (or side) in a concise and clear manner. It may seem complicated at first but it’s actually the style you will find in most academic writing (e.g., research paper). This article provides a brief description of its main components.

Encouraged to Expand into New Study Areas

With most early argumentative essay assignments, students are given a short list of ideas or subjects from which to select. Most of these topics are a vague by nature because what teachers are asking you to do is to expand or push the boundaries of a question or issue while remaining within the limits of the subject itself. For instance, a topic may be school lunches are they safe? Rather than simply state a “Yes” or “No” response you should take the opportunity to discuss this more in-depth and bring a critical question like “sodium in school lunches” or “fat content in school lunches” to the forefront.

Must Follow a Precise Format and Structure

Each argumentative essay assignment will likely have a designated format and structure it must follow. This depends on the discipline in which the assignment is being written. For instance, a humanities paper may require you to follow the MLA rules while a psychology will require you to follow APA rules. You can check the web for essay examples if you aren’t certain of which rules to follow or ask your teacher directly for some guidance.

Possesses a Strict Word Count or Page Limit

Assignments in school usually require you to stick to a specific word count or page limit. There are reasons for this: 1) you are being challenged to write effectively in a concise and clear way; and 2) teachers need to read about 30 of these and along with have to deal with other educational duties. You see again why some argumentative essay topics are broad. They give you the freedom to stick to something specific and stay within the limitations of the assignment’s requirements.

The above information is not meant to go in depth and teach you how to write an essay and earn an A+ right from the start. It does aim to give you with an understanding of its basic parts so that you have a better idea of what your finished assignment should look like. When starting, it’s recommended you get some assistance from a teacher, a tutor, or a professional, just so you can get the one-on-one advice from ideas for essay topics to a review of your work that you need to ensure you properly develop your skills in this area of academic writing.