How To Write A Short And Captivating Essay About Friendship

Who does not know what friendship is? This is one question that comes to mind when asked to write an essay about the importance of friendship. It becomes obvious that your teacher is looking for something more than an explanation of friendship. You are being tested on the important elements of academic writing and how you can twist an obvious topic to acquire deeper meaning.

When writing about friendship, there are tips that will assist you produce a top grade and captivating paper. These tips by professionals will also make it easier to complete any paper regardless of the topic.

Choose a Strong Title

The title of your paper will not just be friendship. It needs to tell a story or the perspective you are going to adapt. There is a lot you can say about friendship. However, not everything will be interesting to read since some of the information is obvious. You need to choose a title that brings a new perspective to the meaning of friendship. It compels a reader to examine the deeper meaning and understanding of friendship beyond what seems obvious. What other traits should your title have?

  • Be interesting to read- choose an angle that makes it interesting to read about friendship despite the fact that most people know what it is.
  • Unique- a lot of scholars at different levels have written about the topic. When writinga short essay about friendship in your current paper, choose a unique topic or angle that people have never thought about. Your paper will not be too monotonous to read.
  • Fresh- a lot of stories have been told about friendship. It is almost obvious that people know what friendship means. If you have to tell the story again, you need ideas that people have never explored.

Gather Your Materials

A strong academic paper is always based on verifiable facts. Your essay about true friendship should also contain definitions and examples that can be verified and authenticated. The information should be collected from credible books, magazines, articles, journals and other approved sources of academic reference materials. This makes the work factual, verifiable and captivating to read.

Develop An Outline

An outline acts like a map that shows you the ideas to begin with, those to use in the body of your paper and points used for the conclusions. It helps in the organization of ideas since you can identify the strongest point for the introduction and conclusion. An outline ensures that you do not repeat ideas, making your work coherent. Get a sample outline from your tutor or the library and use it to develop your outline.

Use Samples

Even the shortest academic paper must adhere to writing rules. However, these rules are extremely complex. An example helps you to understand and execute these rules and get them right. A sample will help you to craft a captivating topic. It will also assist in the complex tasks of citation and referencing. With a sample, you can imitate the design of the conclusion to make your paper compelling despite handling an obvious topic.

Your essay about friendship in english what is friendship should never be submitted without editing. Editing polishes the language and presentation to make it interesting to read. Engage a professional editor who will provide an independent or third eye view of the paper to guarantee top grade.